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"We use the best organic products in the cleaning industry. So we bring to the care of the earth"

Sustainable Earth products are tested by Corporate express scientists and product experts in the company's Research and Testing Laboratory to ensure they provide high quality performance. The full line of Sustainable Earth cleaning solutions meets or exceeds teh stringent sustainability certifications of Green Seal and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. the Sustainable Earth product suite includes:

SE61 Glass Cleaner - Highly concentrated glass cleaner that dissolves, suspends, and removes soil from glass, plexiglass, windows, mirrors, walls and other surfaces not harmed by water.
SE62 Carpet Cleaner - Concentrated high-performance carpet cleaner that is ideal for carpet extraction or buffing in any facility.
SE63 Odor Eliminator - Concentrated odor control agent for use on a variety of surfaces.
SE64 Neutral Multi-Use Cleaner - Cleans and degreases floors, walls, stainless steel, porcelain, metal and glass.
SE65 Heavy Duty Cleaner - Removes water-based and petroleum-based soils including oil, grease, lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
SE67 Professional Carpet Spotter - Highly effective all-purpose carpet cleaner for general spot removal.
SE70 Washroom Cleaner - Concentrated washroom cleaner for removal of soap scum, body oils, mildew, lime, water scale and rust deposits.
SE71 Toilet and Urinal Cleaner - Thickened formula to clean, remove stains, eliminate and neutralize odors.
SE74 Liquid Hand Cleaner - Mild coconut-oil based cleaner with superior cleaning action.
SE78 All Purpose Cleaner - High-Performance, ready-to-use cleaner.
SE80 Floor Finish and Sealer - Used for sealing and finishing all types of flooring.
SE82 Wax and Finish Remover - Ultra Low Odor wax and finish remover.
SE83 Wax and Finish Remover Heavy Duty - Highly concentrated, rapid response stripper dissolves multiple coats of finish without odors.
SE99 Graffiti Remover - Formulated to provide high performance cleaning power for removal of graffiti, paints, enamels, markers, gum, and other oils and greases.

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