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Restaurant Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of a restaurant is of the utmost importance. Our high standards and fierce commitment to consistent quality ensure that your restaurant looks and is exceptionally clean, every time.

Services Description:

Sweep and dispose of debris

Hose where needed

Flood, Scrub & Squeegee to drains

Final Mop

Clean all drains & screens

Clean and maintain baseboards

Detail clean under & behind the equipment

Wash mats and replace Main Grill Line

Wash mats and replace Salad Station
Detail clean corners & behind toilets

Strip, seal & re-wax (separate service)


Move all tables and chairs

Vacuum thoroughly

Dust, clean all wood steps and floor edging

Polish brass foot rails and / or hand rails

High dust vents, speakers & beams (usually once a month)

Dust Pictures & window sills

Put tables and chairs back in proper areas

Clean & sanitize sinks & counters

Clean mirrors

Clean & Polish all stainless steel & chrome fixtures

Clean & sanitize toilets & urinals

Dust & clean stalls, lights, dispensers & vents

Empty sanitation boxes, ashtrays & garbage

Restock all paper & soap supplies



"We use the best organic products in the cleaning industry. So we bring to the care of the earth"

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